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Welcome To The New Way
To Buy Windows

Buy 100% Online…
In Just 6 Minutes!

No Drawn-Out Meeting. No Pushy Salespeople.

You can buy practically everything online these days. Groceries. TVs. Movie tickets. Caribbean vacations. Even cars.

So why not new windows? 

After all, the “normal” way to buy windows isn’t exactly convenient. 

First, you have to make time in your busy schedule for an in-home appointment. If you have a spouse, you both must attend the meeting—otherwise, the window company will refuse to come to your home.

Then there’s the appointment itself. The salesman will prattle on for 2 to 3 hours. You better be sitting in a comfortable chair because you’re going to be parked there for a lonnnggg time. 

After the movie-length spiel comes the worst part: the sales pitch

This is when the salesman puts the thumbscrews to you. He’ll hit you with every high-pressure tactic in the book, attempting to wear you down until you eventually submit and buy.

Does this really sound like an experience you want to go through?

There’s Now A Better Way To Buy Windows

At 6 Minutes Windows, our goal is to put you in complete control of the buying process. After all… it’s your time, it’s your money, and it’s your home. So it’s only right that you should be able to get new windows on your terms.

That’s why we’ve kicked the “normal” way of buying windows to the curb. 

No more drawn-out appointments. No more annoying sales pitches. No more annoying salespeople.

We’ve developed a 100% online buying process. You can buy when you want, where you want, and what you want—right from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The whole purchase process can take as little as 6 minutes! 

If you’re the type of person who prefers to talk things through, we’ve got YOU covered too. We offer no-pitch, no-hype appointments via virtual consultation, phone call, or in-home meeting. No matter which you choose, you’ll get a firm and fair price within 6 minutes.

How We Provide You With TOTAL Peace Of Mind

But we don’t just offer a convenient way to buy windows. We bring the quality to every other part of your project.

We understand that new windows are a big purchase. You want to know you’re investing your hard-earned dollars in top-notch quality. Our proven processes, procedures, and products provide you with that peace of mind… and then some.

Here’s how:

  • Independently Certified Windows: Your new windows will come from Alside, a trusted manufacturer with over 70 years in the industry. These windows have been independently tested and certified for maximum resistance to air leakage, water penetration, and wind pressure. Plus, they look amazing!
  • Window Calculator: When you Buy Online, we’ll email you a link to our cutting-edge Window Calculator. This allows you to make your product selections and see the EXACT price in real time. No surprises. No hidden costs. 
  • Dedicated Project Relationship Manager: Your Project Relationship Manager is your ultra-responsive point of contact. You’ll receive their direct cellphone number so you can call them with questions or comments at ANY time.
  • Manufacturer-Certified Installers: The installers who’ll replace your windows are 100% manufacturer certified. They’ve undergone rigorous testing and training from Alside to guarantee you meticulously precise installation.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Your new windows will be protected by a no-fine-print, no-loophole, no-hidden-charges Lifetime Warranty. If you ever experience a warranty issue, your cost will be $0.00. ALWAYS.

Bottom line: We don’t just make your buying experience stress-free. We make your ENTIRE experience—from the first phone call to the final walkthrough—simple, easy, and high quality. 

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Before coming to 6 Minute Windows, we had shopped around with a few other window companies. We were put off by the way they tried to pressure us into a decision right then and there.

My wife ended up finding 6 Minute Windows’ website. It gave us all the information we needed and was easy to use. We sat down, went through the options, and placed the order ourselves. We laughed about how we wished getting new floors could be so easy. I’ll definitely be recommending these guys to anyone that asks!”

-S. Moore

“We needed new windows and expected headaches during the buying process. went into it expecting headaches. Then we found 6 Minute Windows.

Buying windows from 6 Minute Windows was a breeze! We couldn’t believe how simple it was to get a price and the option to buy all online. The windows came in a reasonable time, they worked with our schedule, and now we’re saving on our electric bill!”

-A. Butler

“The fact that I was able to get a price right online made all the difference for me! It was super easy and only took a few steps.

I placed my order in minutes, the tech came out for measurements, they sent me updates while the windows were being made, and they installed them perfectly! I can’t say enough about these guys and the work they did!”

-J. Shipman

“I’m a single woman in an older house I inherited from my grandfather after he passed. It’s nice, but the windows were old, so they’d let drafts in and leak when it’d rain.

A friend of mine texted me a link to 6 Minute Windows’ website, and I was able to order the windows right from my phone. Easily the easiest home upgrade I’ve made thus far. The techs were nice, respectful, and adjusted to fit my schedule, a couple of times lol. It was also nice that I didn’t have to pay until the job was complete!”

-V. McBee

Two Options To Get New Windows
In Central VA

Either Way Takes Just 6 Minutes!

Option 1:

Want To Get New Windows Right Here & Now? Choose This Option.
Skip the appointment and buy great replacement windows in just 3 easy steps:

Smiling young couple making shopping online with credit card and laptop at home. Happy multiethnic couple holding debit card while buying on ecommerce site using laptop.

Fill Out

Input the number and style of windows you want.


Enter your information.


Submit your project info and we’ll send you the paperwork to buy in as little as 6 minutes!

Option 2:

Want To Discuss Your Project Before Buying? Choose This Option.
Choose your preferred type of appointment, and we’ll provide you with accurate pricing in 6 minutes. No pressure. No sales pitch

Kitchen salesman going through ideas with potential buyer couple

Virtual Consultation

We’ll “meet” you online (ex: Zoom or Facetime) for a 6- minute consultation to determine an exact price.

Over The Phone

We’ll have a quick 6-minute phone discussion to assess your needs and calculate a firm, fair price.

In Your Home

We’ll visit your home, learn about your project, and give you a price—all in (you guessed it!) 6 minutes.