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Our Low Overhead Saves YOU Big Dollars.

Triple-Pane Performance At Double-Pane Prices.

We look and operate a lot differently than the average window company. And we do so for a great reason—to save you money!

The first thing you should know is that we don’t have a sales staff. Other window companies pay top dollar for a well-trained salesperson to come to your home and twist your arm for hours. People who are good at that kind of thing are difficult to find and don’t come cheap.

We, however, allow you to buy your windows Directly Online or schedule a 6-minute appointment with a friendly Customer Representative. We can give you a price over the phone, in your home, or via virtual consultation. This cuts down on our overhead substantially, which saves YOU substantial cash. You can get windows that provide triple-pane levels of efficiency at double-pane prices!

We don’t have high overhead in other areas of our business either. Our windows come factory-direct to avoid markups and inflated pricing. And our installers are manufacturer-certified, so they do the job right the first time (greatly reducing costs associated with callbacks).

All of these practices are efficient and economical, which is why we’re able to offer you excellent prices on premium windows.

Common Questions About Our Prices

A: Comparing everything “apples to apples” (quality of the window, features, installation), you can save up to 20% when you choose 6 Minute Windows. We don’t have the high overhead of typical window companies, so we’re able to pass the savings on to you.

A: Sure. You can always find companies that will sell you low-quality windows at dirt-cheap prices. 

But replacing your windows is just like any other purchase—you get what you pay for. When you go to a concert or sporting event, you can pay a cheap price for nose-bleed seats or pay more for good seats. The same applies to vehicles, TVs, computers, and just about everything else.

Our goal isn’t to sell “nose-bleed-seat” windows. We’ve turned the industry upside down in search of a brand that provides the most VALUE for your dollar. We found that brand, and we’ve made certain we sell it at the best price.

For more details about window costs in Central VA, visit our Window Prices page.

A: The structure and processes of the average window company make it hard to do so. At 6 Minute Windows, we’ve developed a business model specifically to eliminate many of the things that lead to high overhead—salespeople, “middlemen,” and so on.

As a result, we can offer premium windows at better prices than many companies.

Two Options To Get New Windows
In Central VA

Either Way Takes Just 6 Minutes!

Option 1:

Want To Get New Windows Right Here & Now? Choose This Option.
Skip the appointment and buy great replacement windows in just 3 easy steps:

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Fill Out

Input the number and style of windows you want.


Enter your information.


Submit your project info and we’ll send you the paperwork to buy in as little as 6 minutes!

Option 2:

Want To Discuss Your Project Before Buying? Choose This Option.
Choose your preferred type of appointment, and we’ll provide you with accurate pricing in 6 minutes. No pressure. No sales pitch

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Virtual Consultation

We’ll “meet” you online (ex: Zoom or Facetime) for a 6- minute consultation to determine an exact price.

Over The Phone

We’ll have a quick 6-minute phone discussion to assess your needs and calculate a firm, fair price.

In Your Home

We’ll visit your home, learn about your project, and give you a price—all in (you guessed it!) 6 minutes.