No Down Payments

Your Down Payment: $0.00

Don’t Pay A Dime Until The Job Is Done… And Done To YOUR Satisfaction.

No Down Payments. No Exceptions.

Pretty much all window companies in Central VA require you to put a down payment on your job before they’ll get started. This deposit is typically between 10% and 50%, with 33% being the standard.

Think about that. You’re handing thousands of dollars to a contractor you just met and who hasn’t lifted a finger.

The question is… why?

Some window companies don’t trust their customers. Others don’t have the cash flow to finance their business properly, so they use you as a bank. 

Either way, it’s YOUR hard-earned dollars on the line.

At 6 Minute Windows, we don’t need you to finance our company. That’s why the down payment we require is $0.00. Always. 

We don’t make you pay a dime until we’ve replaced your windows to YOUR complete satisfaction. This way, you’re in total control of the project and guaranteed a job done right the first time. 

Common Questions About Our $0.00 Deposits

A: To protect your investment and provide you with peace of mind. It ensures you get the window replacement that’s worth every penny of your money.

A: Never. Before the project, customers sign a mutually binding contract. This contract states that payment isn’t due until and unless they sign a certification of completion.

Bottom line—you still have to pay. The difference is that you don’t have to pay until everything is done to your 100% satisfaction.

A: If you experience ANY problem, contact your designated Project Relationship Manager. We’ll work to make things better than right as soon as possible. That’s a promise.

Two Options To Get New Windows
In Central VA

Either Way Takes Just 6 Minutes!

Option 1:

Want To Get New Windows Right Here & Now? Choose This Option.
Skip the appointment and buy great replacement windows in just 3 easy steps:

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Fill Out

Fill out our brief online form; we’ll email you a link to our cutting-edge Window Calculator.


Input the number and style of windows you want in the calculator for an instant, ironclad price.


Submit your project info, and we'll send you the paperwork to buy in as little as 6 minutes!

Option 2:

Want To Discuss Your Project Before Buying? Choose This Option.
Choose your preferred type of appointment, and we’ll provide you with accurate pricing in 6 minutes. No pressure. No sales pitch

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Virtual Consultation

We’ll “meet” you online (ex: Zoom or Facetime) for a 6- minute consultation to determine an exact price.

Over The Phone

We’ll have a quick 6-minute phone discussion to assess your needs and calculate a firm, fair price.

In Your Home

We’ll visit your home, learn about your project, and give you a price—all in (you guessed it!) 6 minutes.