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Is There A “Right” Price For Windows? Yes!

Let’s face it: It’s hard to tell good windows from bad ones just by appearance. Though there are some visual differences among brands, many windows in Central VA look basically the same.

This is a big reason many homeowners get fooled into buying inferior windows. They see a window that LOOKS good and has a cheap price tag, and they buy it. 

That’s a big, pricey mistake. 

Just like everything else we buy (vehicles, houses, etc.), windows are a “get what you pay for” purchase. And if you pay a cheap price, expect cheap quality.

So what, exactly, is considered a “cheap” price for windows? What’s a fair price? And how much is too much for quality windows?

To answer these questions, we’ve broken down windows into four pricing/quality categories:

  1. “Big-Box” Vinyl Windows
  2. Builder-Grade Vinyl Windows
  3. High-Grade Vinyl Windows
  4. Wood, Fiberglass & Specialty Windows 

For an in-depth review of the benefits of different window materials, visit our Window Comparison page.

“Big-Box” Vinyl Windows


Low-grade recycled vinyl

Price Range:

$125 to $300 (double-hung window, not installed)


  • Cheap price 
  • Readily available


  • Poor durability 
  • Second-rate energy efficiency 
  • Not a custom fit 
  • Needs an installer

Quality Level:


Recommended For:

People who need a “quick fix” and are replacing a window that’s the exact same size as the big-box window.

What To Know:

Big-box windows are the ultimate example of “cheap price = cheap quality.” These windows contain low-grade components (recycled vinyl, inefficient glass, etc.) and are not custom-manufactured for a precise fit.

What’s more—the cost of these windows doesn’t include installation! If you want a professional to install the windows, that adds to the price substantially.

Builder-Grade Vinyl Windows


Low- to medium-grade vinyl

Price Range:

$189 to $500 (double-hung window, installed and trimmed)


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • A solid option if you’re selling your home


  • Substandard durability 
  • Lackluster energy efficiency 
  • Barebones warranties

Quality Level:

Low to medium

Recommended For:

  • Those who want a temporary solution
  • Rental properties
  • People with their homes on the market

What To Know:

This is often the “too good to be true” price range. 

First, really low-end window prices like $189 are a bait-and-switch tactic. The company lures you in by advertising a cheap price. But when the appointment comes, they attempt to wear you down and sell you their “upgraded” (i.e., more expensive) windows.

Second, even windows in the upper part of this price range won’t provide the performance and durability you need. Selling premium vinyl windows for $400 or $500 installed just isn’t possible for a company that wants to stay in business for long. To achieve such a low price point, the company has to sacrifice the quality of the components that make up their windows.

Premium Vinyl Windows


High-grade virgin vinyl

Price Range:

$550 to $1,400 (double-hung window, installed and trimmed)


  • Highly efficient
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Comprehensive warranties
  • Interior woodgrain options add elegance
  • Overall excellent performance


  • Some companies charge way too much 
  • May not be the right option if you own a historic home

Quality Level:


Recommended For:

  • Homeowners looking for the best value
  • Those who intend to live in their home for the foreseeable future 
  • People who want to save big money on energy bills

What To Know:

Premium vinyl windows hit a 9 or 10 (out of 10) in all key categories—durability, efficiency, color retention, and so on. You can’t go wrong installing this class of window on your home.

You can, though, pay too much for them. There is zero reason to pay anything over $800 for a high-grade vinyl window. At that price point, you’re not getting extra quality… you’re simply padding the window company’s profits.

Would you pay $10K for the latest iPhone? Or $15K for a first-class plane ticket from Richmond to Miami?

No way. Even though they’re the best your money can buy, those items have a “cap” of how much they should cost before they become overpriced. 

It’s the same with high-grade vinyl windows. Anything more than $800 is just way too much… even if it is the best quality!

Wood, Fiberglass & Composite Windows


Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl-wood composite

Price Range:

$1,000 to $2,000 (double-hung window, installed and trimmed)


  • Quality materials
  • Can work well with unique projects and historic homes


  • Expensive
  • Are not fusion-welded like vinyl frames
  • Wood windows require constant maintenance
  • Sometimes lack strong warranties

Quality Level:

Medium to high

Recommended For:

  • Those who have historic homes and need genuine wood windows
  • Homeowners who want the look of wood without as much maintenance (fiberglass)
  • People who want windows that are stainable

What To Know:

Wood windows look amazing and can last a long time… with consistent maintenance. Wood is the window material that requires the most upkeep by far. It’s also usually the most expensive window material.

Fiberglass windows also look great and have the capability to last decades. But like wood, fiberglass also requires regular maintenance since it’s painted.

Certain composite windows combine a wood frame with vinyl exterior cladding. This eliminates the heavy maintenance of all-wood windows while providing the unique look of wood (recent interior woodgrain innovations by high-quality vinyl brands also deliver this benefit). Vinyl-wood composite windows are typically pricey, though: Expect to pay $1,00 to $1,400 per window. They also tend to have weaker warranties than other window materials.

Unlike vinyl window frames (which are fusion-welded), the frames for all three of these materials are held together at the corners with screws or brackets. This weakens air-infiltration resistance, as gaps can form in the corners over time. 

Bottom Line: There Is A Right Price For Great Windows

If you want premium vinyl windows, the most you should pay is $550 to $700 per window (installed and trimmed). Anything less, and you won’t get the best quality. Anything more, and you’re getting ripped off.

The only time you should pay more is if you want wood, fiberglass, or composite windows. In this instance, expect to pay $1,000 to $2,000 per window. 

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