No Cut Corners

The Right Way Is The

No Cut Corners, Half Measures,
Or Finger Pointing. PERIOD.

Pure Quality From Start To Finish.

Let’s face it: A lot of Central VA window companies are more concerned with doing what’s most profitable over what’s right. This creates rushed installation, poor customer service, and an overall lack of accountability. 

In other words, a bad window replacement experience for YOU.

We’re different. 

“Corner cutting” isn’t in our vocabulary. We do what’s right by you 100% of the time. Even if it’s not what’s easiest. Even if it’s not what’s most profitable. 

Our ONLY concern is your 110% satisfaction—from start to finish. We simply will not compromise on the quality of any aspect of your project. Period.

Keep reading for a few examples of our “Cut No Corners” philosophy…

The 6 Minute Windows Difference

Window Quality

Industry Norm

Window quality is all over the map. Some companies sell second-rate windows at dirt-cheap prices. Others sell windows with excessive “bells and whistles” to squeeze every last dollar out of you. (Find out more on our Window Prices page.)

Long story short… many companies haven’t taken the time to find the right window for YOUR home. They choose whatever is best for THEIR profits.

6 Minute Windows

We researched hundreds of windows to find the perfect one for Central VA homeowners. After an exhaustive search, we found it.

Our Mezzo window is made by Alside, a leading window brand for 70+ years. It’s ENERGY STAR-certified and carries the Gold Label from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) for air leakage, water penetration, and wind pressure.

Bottom line: We carefully considered every little detail when choosing what windows to sell. As a result, we’ve pinpointed the window that packs premium value and is perfectly optimized for our climate.


Industry Norm

Many window companies hire day laborers for the cheapest possible price.

Day laborers often lack experience and proper training. And since they get paid a low wage per window installed, they have to rush through jobs to put food on the table.

6 Minute Windows

Factory-trained, manufacturer-certified installers will perform your window replacement. These installers are passionate about the craft and meticulous with details. Plus, they’re paid an excellent wage so they can take the time to install your windows RIGHT.

Find out more on our Window Installation page.


Industry Norm

Many window companies like to talk about their “lifetime” warranties. But read the fine print, and you’ll discover that lifelong coverage is filled with exclusions, excessive prorating, and hidden charges.

It can also be a nightmare trying to get the company to fix a warranty issue if you have a problem. After all, warranty issues aren’t profitable… so it’s just easier to ignore you!

6 Minute Windows

Our Lifetime Warranty is just that… FOR LIFE. It’s non-prorated, transferable to the next homeowner, and covers ALL material and installation charges.

What’s more, it’s the rare window warranty that covers broken glass—even if it’s a homeowner-caused accident! (Find out more on our No-Regrets Warranty page.)


Industry Norm

Some window companies treat your project like a game of “Where’s Waldo?” If you have an issue, tracking someone down can take days.

And when you finally do track down someone at the company? Get ready to get passed around like a game of Hot Potato. Person A will refer you to Person B, who will refer you to Person C… who will refer you back to Person A.

Bottom line: Many window companies point fingers rather than provide solutions if their customers need help.

6 Minute Windows

Your dedicated Project Relationship Manager (PRM) is your one point of contact from start to finish. You’ll have their direct number so you can call anytime you need to.

What’s more, we don’t shift responsibility or point fingers. If you have an issue, we will take care of it. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Common Questions About Our “Cut No Corners” Philosophy

A: It’s simple—the “right thing” is whatever is best for you, our customer. That means providing top-notch products, factory-certified installation, and true accountability. 

In other words… NO shortcuts, NO half measures, and NO finger pointing. 

A: Not at all! There are some really solid window companies out there. But for every good one, there are three others that prefer the “easy way” to pad profits. It’s why you see so many horror stories online about homeowners having bad experiences with window companies.

A: We invite you to explore our Reputation and Reviews. Any window company can talk about how great they are. But it means a lot more when plenty of customers are willing to say it for them.

Two Options To Get New Windows
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