No Pricing Games

We Believe Every Customer
Should Pay The Same Price

Our Windows Are A Standard Price…
No Games, Tricks, Or Funny Business.

No Pricing Games… EVER

Many Central VA window companies will quote you an absurdly high price and then gauge your reaction. Companies know a certain number of homeowners will agree to this initial price—and they rake in a ton of money from those homeowners.

If you’re a homeowner who balks at the first price, the company will present you with a lower price. This is when they say, “I don’t usually do this, but I can offer you a special discount if you buy right now.”

If you still say no, the salesman may resort to the Hero Tactic. This is when they pull the “let me call my manager and see what I can do for you” routine. They’ll (pretend to) go to bat for you and convince their manager to give you an ultra-low price because you’re just so awesome. 

But you have to sign the contract then and there… otherwise, this “once-in-a-lifetime” deal is gone forever!

These pricing games are obnoxious and transparent. They’re also a big reason that in-home sales appointments take 2 or more hours.

We Don’t Play Pricing Games—EVER.

Pricing games are an insult to your intelligence. And the amount you pay for new windows shouldn’t rely on how well you negotiate.

That’s why we’ve standardized our pricing to ensure every 6 Minute Windows customer pays the same exact amount. 

You. Your neighbor. Your cousin who lives 30 miles away. 

If you buy the same number of the same windows, you pay the same price they do. It’s just that simple.

Common Questions About Our No-Nonsense Pricing

A: Yes, it’s legal. But it’s also unfair. 

Why should you pay more than someone else for the exact same thing? Just because you didn’t negotiate as well with the salesman? That’s just wrong!

That’s why we make our window prices universal. 

If you and another customer each buy 9 double-hung windows with grids, you pay the exact same price—down to the penny.

If you and another customer each buy 2 double-hung windows with grids, 3 slider windows with no grids, and 1 picture window, guess what? You pay the exact same price—down to the penny. 

After all, that’s what’s fair!

A: Your price is guaranteed for a full 60 days after the appointment.

If you want to buy immediately after the appointment, then great! If you want to take time to think things over, then great! Whatever works for you works for us. 

A: To give you the opportunity to buy windows in 6 minutes, we’ve based our pricing on the average cost for the standard-sized window (112 united inches). This pricing model guarantees the exact same price on the exact same window for EVERYONE.

No phony discounts. No inflated quotes. Just the best price the first time.

Two Options To Get New Windows
In Central VA

Either Way Takes Just 6 Minutes!

Option 1:

Want To Get New Windows Right Here & Now? Choose This Option.
Skip the appointment and buy great replacement windows in just 3 easy steps:

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Fill Out

Input the number and style of windows you want.


Enter your information.


Submit your project info and we’ll send you the paperwork to buy in as little as 6 minutes!

Option 2:

Want To Discuss Your Project Before Buying? Choose This Option.
Choose your preferred type of appointment, and we’ll provide you with accurate pricing in 6 minutes. No pressure. No sales pitch

Kitchen salesman going through ideas with potential buyer couple

Virtual Consultation

We’ll “meet” you online (ex: Zoom or Facetime) for a 6- minute consultation to determine an exact price.

Over The Phone

We’ll have a quick 6-minute phone discussion to assess your needs and calculate a firm, fair price.

In Your Home

We’ll visit your home, learn about your project, and give you a price—all in (you guessed it!) 6 minutes.