Value VS Quality Diagram

How We Sell “Lexus-Quality” Windows
At “Toyota” Prices In Central VA

We Can Sell Any Window We Want… And We Choose To
Sell The Window That Provides You With The Best Value.

We’re an independent Central VA window company, so we’re free to sell any of the 400+ windows on the market. 

Yet the ONLY window we choose to sell is the Alside Mezzo.


It’s simple.

We want a PREMIUM, ULTRA-EFFICIENT window for our customers.

That made our choice easy. Here’s why…

Simply put, Alside has the track record we were looking for. 

Are there other great window manufacturers on the market? Sure. Pella. Andersen. Simonton. They all make some great products.

But we chose Alside’s Mezzo not just because it’s a great window. We chose it because it’s a great window at a great VALUE.

The Mezzo Window: “Lexus” quality at a “Toyota” price.

Many window manufacturers make several lines of windows and sell them at various price points. Most manufacturers usually have a low-priced option, a medium-priced option, and a high-priced option so they’re able to sell to all price sensitivities. It’s no different than how Toyota sells the Corolla, Camry, and Lexus.

Until 2015, Alside was one of these kinds of window manufacturers. The company wanted to overhaul and re-engineer their window lines to include the most modern technology and manufacturing methods.

This was a big deal. Overhauling window lines is a giant investment for manufacturers. It’s usually only done every 15 to 25 years. 

Since their “medium-price” window was their biggest seller (accounting for 75% of sales), they began re-engineering that line first.

After they re-engineered the window, Alside made an unexpected discovery.

They had improved the window so much that it performed almost identically to the Sheffield, their high-priced window line!

This meant that Alside had created a “medium-priced” window that delivers “high-price” durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

That window is the Mezzo. It provides “Lexus” quality at a “Toyota” price… and it’s the only window we carry.

At 6 Minute Windows, you can save even more.

We’re an online window company. You can buy windows from us directly online or via a 6-minute appointment by phone or virtual consultation.

As a result, we don’t have the same overhead window companies with “typical” sales staffs do. This means we can offer you the already reasonably-priced Mezzo window at an even BETTER cost.

Find out more on our Window Prices. Thanks!

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