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Welcome To 6 Minute Windows...Where You Pay $0.00 Down For High-Quality, Efficient New Windows

If the time has come for new windows and you’re looking for a way to avoid all the ‘run around’ often associated with the process, keep reading.

We’ve nailed down and gotten rid of all the parts of the process you’re hoping to steer clear of. But before jumping into those, let’s look at how simple we’ve made it to get the highest-quality windows within six minutes or less. 

You’ve got two core options.

  1. Online Buying: After filling out a basic information form and telling us about your particular situation, we’ll send you our window calculator. Don’t worry, it’s easy to use. Once you select the windows and submit your project info, you’ll get the paperwork back to buy within six minutes or less. 
  2. An In-Person 6-Minute Appointment: This is the more traditional route of meeting with our professional window consultants either virtually, over the phone, or in your Richmond, VA home, who provides an accurate ‘take it to the bank’ price. We differ in that the appointments are thorough, but happen quickly without any sales or nonsense.

Light and low-stress, exactly as it should be. Thing is, if you’re like just about everyone else we work with, you’re probably a little skeptical right now. How can we deliver on this 6 Minute Windows approach?

Simple, as mentioned, we got rid of all the nonsense. Let’s go through it part by part. 

No Pushy Sales

There’s really no reason for old school cliche ‘sales’ tactics. No more sales pitches. No more sitting and listening to a lecture on this manufacturer or that. With 6 Minute Windows, it’s fast because well, that’s the normal speed without the pushiness. 

After so many different foreign and domestic windows flooded the industry, pricing games became the norm to try and make a buck. With 6 Minute Windows, you get a firm fair price that’s set in stone for a minimum of 60 days. 

No Down Payments

Asking people to give us money to ‘get started’ is ridiculous and uncalled for. We don’t charge a penny until the windows are chosen, impeccably installed and you’re completely satisfied. This is where genuine peace of mind comes from. 

No Wannabe Installers

Many so-called window installers in Richmond or Central VA cut corners and line their pockets by outsourcing installation work to lower-skilled workers. With 6 Minute Windows it’s done by manufacturer-certified experts 100% of the time. 

Thanks to the way we’ve streamlined and focused our business – less overhead and sales commissions – we don’t need to inflate new window prices. Instead, we can offer prices our competition would rather you not even find out about! 

No Regrets Warranty

 What does this mean? Simple. When you work with 6 Minute Windows you’re covered by a transferable warranty that provides comprehensive protection for LIFE (this includes broken glass). Another source of peace of mind. 

Now you’ve likely got a much clearer idea of why we can come through, time after time, for Richmond, VA homeowners like yourself. 

The Windows We Install in Richmond, VA

A secret behind our process isn’t actually a secret at all. We’re laser-focused on installing Mezzo windows by Alside. That’s it, and we’ve got their products down to a literal science.

  • Each window has been professionally lab-tested.
  • They then go on to be independently 3rd-party proven in relation to air leakage, efficiency, durability, water penetration levels, wind pressure, and much more. They’re safe. 
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
  • Their manufacturer warranty is ironclad and you can rest easy knowing you’re backed by a dependable company.
  • The brand is reaching 80 years in business with national recognition. 

At the end of the day, we know we’re installing great windows into your home. Their AAMA Gold Label Certification isn’t earned lightly. 

Get Windows Today in 6 Minutes!

If you’re a Richmond, VA homeowner you have nothing to lose by contacting the 6 Minute Windows customer service staff today. We can answer your questions, address any lingering concerns, and explain anything you’re unsure about. Can we really solve your window issue in 6 minutes? Use the Buy Online page or schedule an appointment to see how easy it can be.

Two Options To Get New Windows
In Central VA

Either Way Takes Just 6 Minutes!

Option 1:

Want To Get New Windows Right Here & Now? Choose This Option.
Skip the appointment and buy great replacement windows in just 3 easy steps:

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Fill Out

Input the number and style of windows you want.


Enter your information.


Submit your project info and we’ll send you the paperwork to buy in as little as 6 minutes!

Option 2:

Want To Discuss Your Project Before Buying? Choose This Option.
Choose your preferred type of appointment, and we’ll provide you with accurate pricing in 6 minutes. No pressure. No sales pitch

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Virtual Consultation

We’ll “meet” you online (ex: Zoom or Facetime) for a 6- minute consultation to determine an exact price.

Over The Phone

We’ll have a quick 6-minute phone discussion to assess your needs and calculate a firm, fair price.

In Your Home

We’ll visit your home, learn about your project, and give you a price—all in (you guessed it!) 6 minutes.